Choosing a Good Refrigerator Repair Company in Katy TX: Factors to Look Out For

A refrigerator is an important home appliance that many of us cannot live without. Most people use their refrigerators to preserve already cooked foods, fruits, drinks and other perishable foods. A broken down refrigerator however means that this luxury will be no more, as most of the foods inside will be doomed to start rotting. Having a well trained and certified technician service and repair your fridge can however save you all the frustration. Since there are many technicians in Katy, finding the most suitable one to use can be rather intimidating. Nonetheless, discussed below are a few tips and factors to help you choose a good refrigerator repair company to hire in Katy TX.

1. Identify several companies that offer repair services: Most repair firms have taken their businesses online, meaning an online search for the same should yield more than 5 companies to choose from. You can also ask your friends or relatives for a referral especially of one used a company before for the same purpose.

2. Look into customer reviews and ratings: Once you have identified several repair companies, take some time to dig into their portfolio to see what other customer are saying about the company. Reviews should be very helpful at this point and each one should be considered.

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3. Check for certifications: The government registers companies that meet all the evaluation criteria, and have certificates needed to prove they are indeed trained for the purpose. Check to see all companies within your shortlist are certified and allowed to offer services to the public. You can as well request for a copy of the same through their portfolio to ascertain this.

4. Look for experience and insurance: Fridges are expensive to buy, and anyone allowed to handle any servicing or repairs should be well trained and experienced in the same. He/she should have an insurance policy covering the items being repaired in case anything should happen to the fridge.

5. Look for repair warranties: Apart from repairing the refrigerator, the Katy Tx refrigerator repair company should be willing to give a repair warranty of a specified time. This should act as insurance for their services, and also guarantees you of quality. Should anything happen to the fridge before the warranty period is over, the company can be held liable and should take care of extra repairs without billing you.

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The technician assigned to service and repair your refrigerator should also be well trained and certified to handle any technical work. He/she needs to be trustworthy and dependable especially if it is the compressor or electrical system that needs to be replaced.







Popular Refrigerator Models: So Many Choices!

When we bought our new house recently, we were really excited to use some of the equity money from the previous house to get all new appliances. We spent a lot of time researching our choices, especially when it came to popular refrigerator models.

Things have changed drastically when it comes to refrigerators on the market these days. It used to be pretty much one choice – a box. Maybe it would have rounded edges or maybe it would come in the latest colors, meaning possibly a turquoise model in the 1950s, early 1960s, or harvest gold or olive in the 1980s! But that was pretty much it when it came to choices.

But these days it’s sensory overload when looking at popular refrigerators models! There are still colors to choose from, but generally the most popular today is brushed chrome. Black is also popular. They even customize wood doors that match your kitchen cupboards! But few these days are interested in a white refrigerator.

But the real magic happens on the inside. There are so many features available. If you love entertaining, you might like a wine cooler feature. Sometimes they come as drawers that, again, match your cupboards. In fact, you can actually get refrigerators that are in drawers as opposed to the standard tall, ice box style.

There are wonderful features inside also to keep the food fresh, including individual compartments for different foods. There are crispers that are individually temperature controlled for maximum freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

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Repair All Refrigerator Models

Most people want large refrigerators, either side-by-sides or one with the freezer in a bottom drawer. The side-by-sides can come with doors almost as wide as a normal door in your house, making for a massive amount of freezer space! Very sensible if you like to shop the bargains, or in bulk at the warehouse stores. It also offers plenty of room for that 25 pound turkey or extra large pizzas.

The bottom freezers are deep. It makes for easy access and it’s simple to locate the frozen peas you are looking for without having to send out a search party. But if you need something that’s buried deep down in the freezer, it could be a problem in that you have to practically hang upside down to reach it!

Also available is a combination model that offers the french-door style in the top with a drawer freezer in the bottom. There is a style to fit whatever space you may have from a Tiny House to a mansion and everything in between. Most are designed so the doors are interchangeable too, to accommodate the layout of your kitchen space.

Most refrigerators still offer the requisite and ever popular ice dispensers that have been around forever, offering crushed or cubed, as well as a purified water dispenser. They are designed to conserve energy as well.

Whatever refrigerator you choose, pick carefully, because you and your refrigerator will be together for a long, long time. That’s because refrigerators are designed to last. They are a good investment. We couldn’t be happier with the french door with bottom freezer model we finally settled on. We would recommend it to anyone.

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